Bezoek uit Italië

Vóór aanvang van het seizoen kwam er al een verzoek voor gastroeien binnen van een Italiaanse dame (Elisa) die in Gouda woont en die haar bezoekende moeder (Laura) wilde verrassen met een roeitochtje over de plas.

Omdat Laura alleen Italiaans spreekt werd Ellen van Eeuwijk ingeschakeld als tolk.
Het was fantastisch weer, de Italiaanse dames bleken zéér ervaren roeisters en op 21 maart werd er in de Vrijhoef een vrolijk rondje gevaren! En dat leidde tot het volgende mailtje.

Dear Ellen and Peter,

I’m writing to you in my capacity as President of Elpis Rowing Club of Genoa.

Upon returning to Italy Laura told me about the ‘magical’ experience she had at your Rowing Club during her vacation in the Netherlands, thanks also to the complicity of her daughter Elisa who made her thrilled with an unforgettable ‘rowing surprise’.

She told us about the wonderful organization of your Rowing Club, the solid ‘Master’ group, your hangar, your rowing boats and she told us in detail about the boat trip, the lake, the canals, the passage under the bridges and the wonderful surrounding nature.

The photographs she took confirmed how much she told and we were happy for her.

I would like to thank you personally for the warm hospitality given to our member and athlete Laura. If in the future you have the opportunity to come to Italy, it will be a joy and a pleasure for our Club, Laura and me to host you and possibly have an ‘Italian rowing experience’ together. After all the motto of our Club is ‘Happiness is reached Through rowing’!

I wish you and your club a long life, full of rowing and hope.

Società Canottieri Elpis ASD

Il Presidente,
Luca Bragoli

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